Eko Cheras, Cheras 1 bedroom 2 bathrooms 762 sqft
RM 2,300 / month

Living in a Cozyhome is easy & fuss-free, with the hard work of moving-in such as furniture shopping & setting up completely taken care of. For young couples looking to start a new life together, all that's left to do after selecting a home is to bring in their luggage and unpack.

Each unit is also fully-equipped to cater to everyday activities such as cooking, getting office work done from home, exercising any time of the day, or kicking back and relaxing on the couch with your favourite entertainment shows.

Cozyhomes are comfortable, inspiring spaces that are customizable to suit your lifestyle. Fill your living space with art, categorize your hobbies in different corners of the unit, or set up a Youtube studio in the kitchen - let your inspiration run wild!

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